Yoga Session

A unique yoga experience

Find inner peace surrounded by an idyllic landscape. Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature and enjoy a moment of absolute relaxation with our yoga sessions. During your stay, you can request a yoga session with Gaia, our certified expert.

Gaia will be happy to advise on the right practice for you. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an expert does not matter, our teacher will propose the best solution to make you live a unique experience and regenerate from head to toe!

“Yoga brings us back to the core of who we are, to the root. It teaches us how to face the difficulties and wonders of life with more compassion and loving strength.

Gaia Ceccarelli – Yoga Expert e Facilitator
Instagram @thebrunettegoestoyoga


  • Session Lengths 60, 75, or 90 minutes (on demand)

  • Language: English and Italian

  • One-to-one or small groups sessions (2-5 people)

  • We provide yoga mats but quantity is limited, we warmly suggest to bring your own mat for the practice

For enthusiasts

Our expert would be glad to plan more than one session for organized groups, depending on the length of the stay.

Upcoming Events



Summer Vinyasa Flow + Happy Hour

6:00pm | 90 min

Dynamic and vigorous session that includes sun salutations, standing positions to create strength and balance, floor positions to stretch and open the body, Pranayama, followed by a dynamic meditation by Osho called “No Dimension Meditation”.
This meditation is one of the many techniques that Osho thought for the contemporary man, in which, before reaching the state of silence, there are always some introductory steps where to move the body and where music plays a fundamental role. The emotions held back, the life full of stress, are in fact the first barriers to pull down to begin to relax and live in a positive way.



Mandala Yoga Flow and Live Music

90 min

A dynamic yoga session where you move to all sides of the mat following a trajectory similar to that of a circle, this style involves gradual and orderly progression in practice.
It allows us to experience a distinct sense of freedom while allowing us to develop greater self-confidence.
The circles that we draw have neither beginning nor end, expressing completeness and infinity at the same time, a metaphor for the life cycles that we go through every day living our lives.
We will conclude the session with some pranayama techniques to create a sense of balance.



Yin e Yang Yoga

90 min
The practice consists in finding the balance between opposites. In the first phase, space is given to YIN energy: asanas are therefore more static – they are held for a few minutes – soft and slow. It helps the ligaments to soften, to dissolve slowly and effortlessly any tension. In the second, space is given to YANG energy: dynamic asanas are performed, which develop heat, awaken energies and revitalize the body. These are active movements, which promote joint and muscle extension.



Morning Yoga to wake up + Breakfast

90 min
The session will also include Pranayama breathing exercises and Positive Affirmations Meditation. Practice Open to all levels.

Show up 10-15 min early
It is mandatory to sign the release form that will be given at your arrival
Equip yourself with mat and any other tools if specified