Forest Bathing in Tuscany


Forest Bathing: 5 health benefits why you should try it

Have you ever heard of forest bathing, the centuries-old self-care practice that originated in Japan and has since become popular worldwide?

What does this intriguing activity involve, and what are its benefits for us all?

Dive into learning about this special opportunity to rest and restore!

What is Forest bathing

Forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku, is a nature-based therapy rooted in ancient Japanese tradition that entails immersing in a forest atmosphere for health benefits.

The concept of forest bathing is based on a simple and intuitive idea: immersing yourself in nature can be incredibly beneficial for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Essentially, forest bathing involves spending time in a forest or other natural environment, and simply experiencing the natural world through all five senses and letting the calming effects of nature wash over you.

In this blog post we will explore 5 healing benefits of forest bathing so that you can see why it’s definitely worth trying out!

Forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku, is a nature-based therapy.
Forest Bathing nature-based therapy

What is the meaning of Shinrin-yoku?

Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term that literally translates to “forest bathing” or “taking in the forest atmosphere”.

In Japan, Shinrin-yoku has been embraced as a form of preventive medicine, with doctors prescribing forest therapy to patients as a way to prevent and treat a range of health conditions.

Forest therapy programs can involve guided walks or meditation, and may also include other activities like yoga, art therapy, and tree planting.

Shinrin-yoku has gained popularity in many countries, where it is being introduced as a therapeutic practice in healthcare settings.

Overall, the practice of forest bathing has been found to provide a sense of vitality and inner peace, making it a powerful tool for promoting physical and emotional health.

Health benefits of Forest Bathing

The Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, or forest bath, consists in the simple and therapeutic act of spending valuable time in a forest.

Studies have shown that forest bathing has great physical and mental health benefits, go on to discover them.

1) Boosts the immune system

Forest air is packed with phytoncides, a chemical produced by trees and plants that helps protect them from insects and fungus.

When we breathe in phytoncides through forest bathing, our body responds by producing more white blood cells, which help fight diseases and boost our immune system.

2) Reduces stress levels

Spending time in nature has been proven to lower stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, leading to a decrease in feelings of stress and anxiety.

Forest bathing has even been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate, leading to an overall sense of relaxation and calmness.

3) Improves mood

People who practice forest bathing tend to have a more positive outlook on life, feel less fatigued, and have lower levels of negative thoughts.

This is achieved through the combination of the calming effects of being in the peace of silence and the beauty of nature through the deep focus on the sounds of forest.

Forest bathing helps you being mindful and improve your mood generating a deep feeling of interior peace.

4) Increases focus and creativity

Studies have shown that spending time in nature can improve focus and cognitive function in the brain.

Forest bathing can also help increase creativity by providing a peaceful setting free from distractions and allowing us to engage with our surroundings in a new and interesting way.

5) Makes you live in the present moment

Forest bathing is a holistic experience that can positively affect our emotional well-being, physical and mental health.

The combination of fresh air, gentle exercise, and the calming benefits of a forest bathe can help us feel more relaxed, energized, and mentally clear.

In addition, forest bathing can help us feel more connected to the present and foster a deeper appreciation for each moment in the natural world.

forest bathing practice

What happens on a forest bathing session?

During a typical session of forest bathing, participants are guided through a series of gentle activities designed to help them connect with the natural world around them.

These activities may include deep breathing exercises, meditation, and gentle stretches.

The goal is to engage all of the senses and to fully immerse oneself in the forest atmosphere.

Nature has the power to recharge your batteries and clear the mind with a forest bathing session, allowing you an immersive experience in peaceful woodland.

How Do I Start a Forest Bathing Practice?

The focus should be on immersing oneself in the surroundings, using all five senses to connect with nature, here there are some tips to start:

  • Before starting, better leave phone and other distractions behind and fully embrace the experience.
  • During the session, incorporate guided meditations or breathing exercises to help deepen the relaxation and mindfulness.
  • Set your mood to engage in a mindful and immersive sensory experience.
  • Embrace a slower pace to truly appreciate and feel the forest around you.
  • Consciously take deep breaths, filling your abdomen with fresh forest air. Slowly exhale for double the duration of your inhale, signaling your body to relax.
  • Take the time to observe your surroundings: the rustling of leaves, birds chirping, and embrace the trees with your body. This sensory experience can have a calming effect on your mind and help you to unwind.
  • Meet all nature elements and take a pause to find peace within it all. This simple yet powerful exercise can help relieve stress and clear your mind while renewing energy levels.
  • Take moments to smell the forest’s aromas. Take in your surroundings and fully appreciate the scents.
  • Observe the effects of the forest environment on your emotions, mood, and overall well-being.
  • Allow yourself as much time as possible to live forest bathing experience. Start small and gradually increase your duration towards the recommended two hours for the best benefits.


How is forest bathing different from hiking?

Forest bathing is a way of immersing oneself in nature, and it’s not just a simple walk in the woods.

Unlike traditional hiking, forest bathing encourages participants to slow down, breathe deeply, observe their surroundings, and live the present moment.

It differs from a traditional walk in the woods, as it focuses on engaging all five senses to promote relaxation and stress relief, calm blood pressure and improve overall well-being.

Rather than being goal-oriented or exercise-based, forest bathing encourages individuals to slow down, tune in, and re-establish a connection with nature in a mindful and deliberate way.

It’s an opportunity to connect with nature on a deeper level, a chance to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and all the health benefits it has to offer.

Forest bathing is the ultimate way to reconnect with nature and benefit from its healing powers. By immersing yourself in the natural environment, you can rediscover inner peace and serenity.

It is also the best way to promote a deep and lasting state of well-being, awareness and presence for a truly restorative experience.

forest bathing benefits

Where can I practice Forest Bathing?

If you’re looking for an amazing getaway where you can truly connect with nature, Boschi di Montecalvi, a stunningly beautiful farmhouse located on the green hills in the heart of Tuscany, offers you breathtaking paths in nature to restore your well-being.

Boschi di Montecalvi is a perfect destination for anyone looking to practice forest bathing: surrounded by amazing forests and towering trees, the magnificent environment has the power to make you feel deeply connected with nature and find inner peace.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoors enthusiast or just looking for a peaceful escape, you can choose between lot of trails around Boschi di Montecalvi, the experience will allow you to unplug and relax in the most natural way possible.

Do you prefer to embark on a guided forest therapy walk, relax in a natural hot spring, or simply wander through the woods on your own?

Boschi di Montecalvi has something for everyone.

So grab your boots, set your phone to silent, and get ready to experience the rejuvenating effects of forest bathing in Tuscany.

Enjoy exploring the wonderful landscapes around Boschi di Montecalvi, and find yourself surrounded by pristine natural beauty at every turn.

Take a deep breath, let go of your worries, escape everyday life overload and immerse yourself in the healing power of forest bathing!