Updates and changes for COVID19 SAFETY

Healt and post Covid Holiday

Dear friends, after months of restrictions, just the thought of the holidays gives us more then ever positive feelings, so important in this moment. 

However, you are certainly wondering about the conditions of security the agriturismo can assure you in this peculiar season. 

A stay at Boschi di Montecalvi means pleasure and relax and we have reorganized our habits in order to assure this conditions to our guests! 

For this reason the agriturismo has adopted all the measures required by current laws and will ask the guests for the same respect, in order to ensure a safe protection for guests and workers. 


To face the uncertainty caused by Covid 19, we are offering you two different booking opportunities: 

1) ” best booking conditions ”: in this option, the cancellation is totally free, up to 10 days before the arrival and does not require any deposit. Ten days before the arrival, you’ll be asked to pay the 50% of the total cost, while the balance will be paid on site. 

2) ” refundable due to covid ”: this solution offers the 30% of discount on the ‘’best booking condition” rate, which will be paid at the moment of  the reservation, and a standard cancellation policy, such as

➔ 30 days before your arrival, we will return you the entire 30% deposit 

➔ between the 29th and 11th day before your arrival, we will charge you the 50% of the total cost of the holiday. 

➔ 10 days before arrival, we will charge you the full cost of the stay 

➔ if cancellation is made on the same day of arrival or if you want to leave the accommodation before the established check out, we will not refund the cost of the lost days and you will be charged for the full cost of the stay. 

In case that, due to new Italian government provisions, it will be impossible to reach the agriturismo, the cancellation will be completely free. 


The whole staff of Boschi di Montecalvi has received detailed security guidelines to face the COVID19 infection. Specific measures about cleaning and sanitizing have been adopted in all apartments and common areas, in order to work safely and provide protected and sanitized environments for our guests and the staff. 

Under the supervision of consultants and experts, who assist the staff in applying and respecting the ANTI COVID 19 standards, all employees have been adequately trained in preventive hygiene practices. Each staff member, according to his role, will periodically receive an anti-covid kit that allows him to work in total safety. He has been asked to check the body temperature before leaving home, not showing up in case of values upon 37° or any unusual symptom. Another body temperature check will be performed at his arrival at the agriturismo.


In order to respect the correct distance and avoid gatherings, the following procedures will be adopted for your chek in: 

1) A few days before arrival, you will be asked to send by email or whatsup, a copy of the ID for each member of the family staying in the accommodation 

2) A few days before arrival, through email, you will be given the correct arrival time to the agriturismo, in order to avoid waiting and gathering for the check in. 

3) at the entrance of each common area, disinfectant dispensers will be positioned, together with the related information 

4) the basic hygiene procedures and some simple recommendations to contain the coronavirus infection will be exposed in each accommodation. 

5) a few days before the departure from the structure, through email, you will be informed about the total amount of the stay, whose balance you will be requested to provide online on the same day, following the instructions given by our mail. The tax receipt of the stay will also be sent via email once the balance has been paid. 

6) in the same email, you will be informed about the departure time, leaving the entrance keys inside the apartment. 

We deeply thank you in advance for your cooperation and respect of the rules , in order to attend quickly, efficiently and scrupulously to the duties we are requested to.


It has always been a crucial mission of ours to scrupulously clean and sanitize the apartments and all the rooms before the arrival of our guests. We will continue today with an even greater scruple: all the common areas and the items most frequently touched (such as light switches, common door handles and so on) will be sanitized daily. All accommodations, at each release, will be cleaned and sanitized, according to the following procedures: 

1) the cleaning staff responsible for the accommodations will be equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment) required by current regulations (mask, gown, gloves, cap) 

2) the accommodations will be sanitized with specific and certified products. 

3) Each accommodation will be cleaned with specific, certified products or treated with 2% sodium hypochlorite or ethyl alcohol 

4) Unfortunately, this time, any furnishings and decorations that, under normal circumstances, would have decorated the accommodation and created atmosphere, will be removed. Where present, they will be sanitized. 

5) Unless specifically requested by you, for your safety and according with the current regulations, the accommodations will be offered this year without the bed prepared in advance. Sheets and bathroom linen will be delivered in special packaged envelopes, certified by the supplier company. Everything that comes into contact with guests and that cannot be thrown away and/or changed (such as mattresses, blankets, sofas, chair cushions, curtains) will be subjected to sanitization with certified products. 

6) The guests’  PPE, as well as the linen of each accommodation, will be removed according with specific law requirements.  

In the common areas and in the swimming pool sanitization will be carried out daily, according to the following rules: 

1) the swimming pool – solarium will be sanitized every evening at 19:00. For this reason, our guests are required to free the area within that hour and refrain from using this space until the reopening of the following morning. 

2) the pool water has always been treated with certified products, according to the low procedures, which make the water always safe to use. However, this year, for further prudence, checks of pH and chlorine will be intensified

 3) each common area will be sanitized daily and, at every change of guests, all external furnishings given in personal use to each apartment will also be cleaned and sanitized. 


As every year, the pre-opening provides for the deep cleaning and sanitation of the air conditioning systems, performed by technicians who issue certification. The ventilation grills will however be periodically sanitized with clean cloths, humidified with a concentration of 75% ethyl alcohol. 


In order to accomplish the several anti-contagion rules, it was inevitable, but also a reason of pride for us, to look for new opportunities and solutions, appropriate to the situation: 

1) each apartment on the first floor (unlike normal circumstances) will be provided of its own garden space outside, furnished with private table and chairs, to give everyone the opportunity (after these long months of lockdown) to freely enjoy the open air. Each location in the garden will be identified with the number of the apartment you are using and will be available only to the family staying in that apartment, all the holiday long 

2) The same measure will be applied to the solarium in the swimming pool area, which (for this year) will be divided into spots spaced 1.50 m apart. Each space will be marked by the number of your apartment and reserved exclusively for your family. Each apartment will have two deck chairs (and, if requested, a chair) that will remain to your private use during all your stay. 


Our pre-covid breakfast was a unique moment, thanks to its amazing buffet! But we are definitely sure that, with few more precautions, we will be able just the same to offer our guests a special and tasty good morning! 

On our side, we have a splendid and wide terrace overlooking a breathtaking panorama, which gives us plenty of room to correctly space the tables between them. Beside this:

1) The staff service will be given every morning all anti-covid PPE (mask, latex gloves, apron, cap)   

2) the self-service buffet will be transformed in a served – at – table buffet. 

3) each apartment will be assigned an exclusive table, the same for all the holiday. The guests will have just to sit down and choose among our tasty proposals: our staff will take care!

4) to allow the agriturismo to provide a safe and efficient service, this year, unlike the previous years, we ask you to book the restaurant service in the same moment you confirm your accommodation. A small restriction due to the purpose of offering a perfect and safe service.  

5) In order to guarantee the required social distancing but avoiding waitings and wastings of time, two shifts of breakfast will be proposed: the first from 8:30 to 9:30, the second from 9:00 to 10:00 . The agriturismo, according as much as possible with your needs and preferences, will communicate to each guest his turn 

6) superfluous to underline that tables, chairs, buffet table will be sanitized daily and repeatedly. The table set, as usual, will be given freshly laundered or changed if disposable, at each guest change. 

7) to guarantee safety and high quality standards, this year the breakfast service cannot be available on the departure day from the hotel.


In order to limit and restrain the spread of Covid 19 (Coronavirus) and taking into consideration the Italian legal provisions, we kindly ask you to be informed about the follow:

If you (or people travelling with you) develop symptoms of respiratory infection (temperature higher than 37,5° or other flu symptoms) you have to immediately inform the establishment that can have the role to ask you to leave the place by calling proper medical division and following the procedures in the action plan for the situation when a guest develops sign and symptoms indicative of COVID-19.

If in the last 14 days you get in touch with people affected by Covid or with symptoms compatibles with Covid we will be obliged to interdict you the access to our estabishment.

Our staff will be in charge to follow procedures requested by the situation.


Start now to look forward to your stay at Boschi di Montecalvi! 

Contact us by email at booking@boschidimontecalvi.it , via messenger or whatsapp at: +39.327.3556238 to check our availability, offers and prices! 

Boschi di Montecalvi is waiting for you …. and we promise you that the social distancing will not reduce our human warmth! 

Waiting for you ❤