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The charming villa, the view of the sea, and the panorama of olive groves, rolling green hills and vineyards made us fall in love with the estate at first sight and seduce our guests year after year.

All of the buildings on the estate have been renovated using ancient stones that are characteristic of classic Tuscan architecture. We have respected the original structures and natural landscape, while modernizing the estate to make your stay in Tuscany extra comfortable.

Contemporary meets ancient at Boschi di Montecalvi: float in our cutting-edge panoramic infinity pool or enjoy a pizza from the historic outdoor wood oven.

A stay at Boschi di Montecalvi is all about discovering

Come to Boschi di Montecalvi and discover the Maremman traditions dating back more than a thousand years, the breathtaking landscapes of the Etruscan coast and the mouthwatering Tuscan cuisine.

Our 123-acre estate is situated in the gorgeous Maremma region of Tuscany. The Maremma has been inhabited since the time of Etruscans, and the link between this incredible history and the picturesque territory creates a fascinating and irresistible setting for Boschi di Montecalvi’s guests.


Because we’re passionate about food and honoring the agriculture and historic culture of the territory, we’ve created an organic sanctuary at Boschi di Montecalvi. We have over 700 olive trees from which we produce olive oil, and our restaurant serves delectable dishes made using the organic fruit and vegetables grown right on our estate.

Impressive oak trees have dominated the entire valley for centuries and have become a symbol of Boschi di Montecalvi. The trees tell a story of beauty, peacefulness and coexistence. It’s a story that grows richer every day and captivates our guests.

Visit us today and discover one of the most unspoiled areas in Tuscany!

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